Why learn English with us?

Our courses will help you learn and master medical English so that you will be able to communicate freely. During the training you will not only learn vocabulary related to healthcare, but also improve your skills and focus on the patient-centred approach. We can also tailor the training to your needs and focus on the areas that you find the most problematic.

We also offer preparation training for the OET, which is now accepted (together with IELTS) by numerous regulatory bodies. The test results are recognised as proof of English proficiency in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. Our course will introduce you to the test format and provide practice for all sub-tests. Our experienced teachers will help you succeed in getting the required scores and prove your language competence so that you can pursue your career abroad.Please note that part of your course fee will be reimbursed if you sign a job contract with Paragona’s assistance.

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Language levels

Interested in learning medical English, brushing up your skills, or preparing for the OET? We can help with all of them and adapt the training to your schedule! You will also receive medical English course books and get access to an interactive platform that you can use anytime.

Pre-intermediate (A2+/B1)

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learn vocabulary related to healthcare (e.g. healthcare professionals, medical equipment, symptoms, etc.)

learn new grammar structures

improve your communication skills and learn how to handle basic complaints

What are our students saying?

Sara P., Portugal

I first learned about Pagarona through a friend, and from our very first interaction, I was amazed by their proficiency. I decided to join their academy, and I can confidently say that I have no regrets; I highly recommend it. I had classes with two incredibly dedicated teachers who approached their work with great passion. They not only provided me with the necessary tools to pass the OET exam successfully but also instilled in me the confidence to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals.

Lina P., Greece

While I was searching for an opportunity to work abroad, I first contacted Paragona. Since the first email and during the whole time I was in touch with them, I was really satisfied by their exceptional professionalism and well-organised plan. They gave me the opportunity to improve my language skills and be able to pass the OET. They were also really supportive and guided me through every necessary step. I would highly recommend Paragona to every colleague who is interested in working abroad and searching for an excellent and professional environment.

Vlatko R., Croatia

Paragona prepared me for the OET exam in a systematic and comprehensive way. Teachers were very accessible and adjustable to my own learning rhythm and kept me motivated throughout the course. I would also like to praise other staff members as being always helpful with queries I had. So, I highly recommend Paragona English course as an excellent way to advance and learn English and to be successful at the OET exam.

Dariusz K., Poland

I used the online course preparing for the OET exam at Paragona. The way of conducting the classes was very interesting, focused on mastering the material. The tutors were very helpful, very friendly and communicative. Paragona provides tremendous assistance in the job registration process. I passed my OET exam on the first attempt.

Peter M., Hungary

Paragona Academy’s preparation course for the OET was target-focused and extremely effective. The teachers were highly professional and familiar with the requirements of the OET. Their support was absolutely invaluable and the whole course was tailored to my needs.

Raquel O. F., Spain

I attended the OET course at Paragona Academy. It was a pleasure to work with them. The teachers are always available to solve any problems or doubts you may have. They also try to adjust to your availability and preferences. The whole experience was great - all the teachers are amazing and do their best to help you with general and medical English, of course. I've passed the OET in the first sitting, but if I had to choose again, I would definitely do the course with them.

Ellie L., Sweden

I attended the OET course at Paragona and I am very satisfied with the course and the results. The lessons were structured, well organized, and easy to attend and I had the continuous support of very experienced and skilled teachers. I enjoyed the course overall and it helped me reach my goal which was to score B on the OET exam, literally opening the road for the license to practice in the UK. Moreover, I advanced my skills in Medical English which is very useful for interviews and my future career.

Durdica K. L., Croatia

Paragona allowed me to enjoy learning English in a pleasant atmosphere, guided by great teachers and fantastic staff. I highly recommend Paragona as their service is excellent, and they make the entire transition of moving abroad much easier.

Inga V., Lithuania

I have just had my appraisal and the appraiser was amazed that it is possible to learn English so fast. I wouldn’t say that it was very easy and it definitely requires some effort. I came with very basic language. I needed an interpreter and tried not to talk much. Now I am able to talk with patients so that we understand each other and I enjoy reading books and watching movies without a dictionary or subtitles. To be honest, at the beginning, I was in doubt that Paragona guarantees that it is possible, but they know what they are doing - an amazing team, different styles of teaching, amazing tutors, mentors and friends… I believe the synthesis of all these makes Paragona an amazing place which helps to fulfil your dreams.

Miquel T., Spain

Well-organized training programme providing both medical and general English lessons. The teachers are dynamic, kind and they adapt to your language needs. I also had a very nice experience with the Paragona staff, a group of friendly and helpful people committed to work hard for us and contributing to our success.

Marinela A., Romania

Paragona English courses were the best part of my journey to the UK medical system. Everything in Piaseczno campus was very well organised and the time spent there is unforgettable. All teachers and international colleagues met there were amazing and we felt like a big global family. I highly recommend anyone to let Paragona help them with learning foreign languages as this Polish company is proficient and the best ever.

Luis C. G., Spain

Paragona has been an awesome experience for me because, when I was contacted by them, I had a lot of doubts. However, when I arrived at the Campus in Poland, everything changed. They are a fantastic supportive team, who not only will teach you English, but also they will help you with all kinds of issues before you arrive in England. Very professional, excellent teachers and human being quality. Thanks a lot forever.

Test your English!

Answer the questions and check your language level!

Answer the questions and check your language level!

Questions and answers

How can I assess my current language level?SIEBEL

Will I learn only medical language or also general language?SIEBEL

What does a typical schedule look like?SIEBEL

How many students are there in a group?SIEBEL

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Medical language and preparatory training for healthcare professionals

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Durdica K. L.

Paragona allowed me to enjoy learning English in a pleasant atmosphere, guided by great teachers and fantastic staff. I highly recommend Paragona as their service is excellent, and they make the entire transition of moving abroad much easier.

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