Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions by our candidates. Paragona has 20 years of experience in language training. More than 1,000 healthcare professionals have relocated to the UK, Sweden and Norway with our help.

What levels do you offer?SIEBEL

How can I assess my current language level?SIEBEL

Will I learn only medical language or also general language?SIEBEL

Is the course online or in a school?SIEBEL

What does a typical schedule look like?SIEBEL

How many students are there in a group?SIEBEL

How long is the course?SIEBEL

What is the payment scheme?SIEBEL

What currencies do you accept payments in?SIEBEL

What is the fee and what does it include?SIEBEL

Is the course run during the holiday season?SIEBEL

Will you help me with finding a job?SIEBEL

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If you are interested in our medical courses and would like to improve your language skills, please check our offer below. We invite you to join our online medical language and OET preparation courses and take part in our recruitment process.

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